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蜂蜜牛奶舒敏沐浴露 Honey & Milk Bomb Moisture Body Wash 100ml





  • 温和低刺激的氨基酸表面活性劑,添加3種蜂蜜及蜂膠,為肌膚注入源源不絕的滋潤成分,酸鹼值為PH5.5,更為溫和無刺激,舒緩肌膚乾燥現象,潔淨同時美白
  • 特別適合乾燥敏感肌膚。產品通過敏感皮膚及無菌落測試,及通過EWG綠色安全評級,20種無害成分,由專業調香師調配出持久獨特香氣經過數千次測試。
  • 不含20種有害成分,包括二噁烷、防腐劑paraben、游離甲醛、 MIT、 CMIT、矽、聚乙二醇peg、硫酸鹽、人工色素等


  • 19 Natural Origin Extractions
  • 98% Natural ingredients
  • All ingredients are safe grade with 1-2 EWG Safety standard
  • 20 harmful substances are free (such as sulfate, paraben, silicone, and pigment)
  • PH 5.5 to protects scalp in health and well balanced
  • Made by 3 kinds of honey & milk extracts
  • All fragrant are safe from allergy induction ingredients with IFRA
  • Signature scent with direct blending by expert steering
  • Skin irritation Test by Korea Testing & Research Institute
  • 10 types of scents

Honey & Milk Bomb Moisture Body Wash 蜂蜜牛奶舒敏沐浴露

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