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生長滋潤修復髮膜 Super Seed Bomb Nourishing Treatment 500ml/1000ml







  • 42 natural extracts : Contains 42 nature and well-formed extracts for scalp and hair
  • 20 harmful substances FREE : No harmful ingredients such as sulphates, parabens, and tar., etc. No fragrance ingredients which can caused allergies
  • 1-3 Grade of EWG : All ingredients are all green grade with EWG Safety standard
  • Major ingredients : 1000 ppm of Organic sacha inchi oil 2000ppm of (Oat) Kernel Oil from UK 600ppm of Black bean extract
  • Acid balanced with PH 5.5
  • Acid balanced PH level as most similar to skin scalp Skin irritation tested
  • The scents is made by professional perfumers

Super Seed Bomb Nourishing Treatment 生長滋潤修復髮膜

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